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Lake Almanor Fishing Report 5-13-21

Welcome to your latest Lake Almanor Fishing report. Things are starting to pick up as warmer temperatures take over for the moderate Winter we had. The smallmouth have decided to show up in full force, starting with the Apex Cup tournament a few weeks ago. A Fishbrain friend, Jon, had great success using an umbrella rig to imitate the smelt. Great numbers for him, but the big girls are tougher to entice lately. The trout bite is a bit slow as they have been well-fed from various ant and other bug hatches. The hex hatch should be starting soon and is sure to increase fish activity and mobility. Start fattening up those crickets!

Trolling Lake Almanor

Trollers have had some luck with trolling flies or other small lures, allowing for a slower retrieve and less-intimidating presentation. Be mindful of your speed and wind direction, go ahead and slow things down right now to figure things out. If you have the ability to, trolling is a great way to lock down some potential hotspots for the coming weeks as the fish settle down.

Bank Fishing Lake Almanor

Bank fishing is still most successful near Hamilton Branch where gorgeous rainbow trout and some very large browns have recently been caught. The water levels are very low for this time of year, but they are on the rise. We can hope for some warmer weather to increase the flow into Hamilton Branch, and a few showers to top off Lake Almanor. Captain Bryan over at Big Daddy Guide Service has had some amazing success with his clients, landing multiple fish nearing ten pounds. Please give him a ring and get out on the boat, he’s a great guy and you won’t regret your experience. Please support the Lake Almanor Fishing Association and take care of our Eastern Sierra gem. Enjoy your stay at Wilson’s Camp Prattville, and enjoy your stay fishing at Lake Almanor. Sign up for our email list to stay up-to-date with your Lake Almanor fishing report.

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