Apex on Almanor bass tournament

Anglers from all over the Western United States came together at our beautiful home Lake Almanor. It is an honor to have our waters host such a prestigious tournament under extreme conditions. We feel like the anglers got a taste of what Lake Almanor bass fishing is all about. An amazing community, unpredictable weather, and some of the toughest fish in the nation.

The tournament was tough for all anglers, snow and wind affected the conditions drastically. Those who could adapt succeeded and left with the price. Austin Wilson went home with first place and a whopping 17.13lbs on his last day. He had a lot of success with 4 inch Keitech shiners. Wilson spent some time fishing by the dam, but had most of his success in small flat areas with large rocks and stumps. This checks out 😉 As the weather waned, anglers left the Plumas Pines marina and headed home. I am thrilled that Almanor was not easy on these guys, and even more thrilled that they respected our lake and our fish. Apex is welcome back to Almanor any time and look out for that Red Boat next year. Please visit our Lake Almanor fishing reports page to stay updated.

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