Lake Almanor Fishing Report 3-24-21

We have had some drastic temperature variations these last couple of weeks. However, the Lake Almanor fishing report is getting active. Fish are on the move and things are heating up. Hamilton Branch has seen some action with a 6lb rainbow being released back into the channel after a bite on the fly. A few smaller rainbows were also reported out of Big Cove. Paul was using Berkeley orange mice tails. What a nice little chunker this is. Hamilton Branch has them feeding on the young trout this time of year.

A Hamilton Branch angler holds up a beautiful rainbow trout for the Lake Almanor Fishing Report

Those beefy browns are still chasing tubes and small swimming baits. These should also work well fishing Hamilton Branch at Lake Almanor. They should be switching over to the bugs as the hatch starts to come into effect. Air temps should be into the 60’s by the end of the week and the water will start to warm shortly after. A couple of weeks of stable temps should get those hex moving. Fly fisherman might be able to snag a few off the top using some hex flies if they want to get started. They can be so impatient sometimes!

This time of year, the weather at Lake Almanor can be unpredictable. Use local weather forecasts with our Lake Almanor fishing report ant tips to plan your trip. Staying on the lake? We recommend staying at Wilson’s Camp Prattville, they have lots of amenities, RV spaces, Cabins, and are some of the greatest people around. Give them a call today!

Our Plan for Spring Fishing Lake Almanor

We will be dropping the boat in within a few weeks. We are definitely excited to maximize our Lake Almanor angling efforts. The Apex Cup Bass tournament will also be held at Lake Almanor during April of 2021. I will keep you all updated! Please subscribe to see the latest Lake Almanor fishing reports, tips and gear guides.


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