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We are proud to say that our only social media presence is on Fishbrain. Fishbrain is the world’s No.1 fishing app. They provide the tools and knowledge to help anglers get better at fishing, so you can catch more fish. Find nearby fishing locations for your next trip, discover the best times to fish, and what bait you should throw. The Fishbrain app also allows you to socialize with other anglers, share fishing memories and brag about your latest catch.

We post from local waters around Northern California and Nevada. We frequent bass haunts, ditches, ponds, lakes and rivers. Keep up with the fish feed by giving us a follow. Download the app and search for @teamredboat. Let us know you are a site visitor and I will DM some secret Lake Almanor fishing tips. Summer too smoky? Stray thunderstorm? Check in with Team Red Boat and give us a follow on Fishbrain! Or just follow us to the holes (they always do).

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